Keratosis Pilaris Natural Treatment

Keratosis or chicken skin is a common skin condition characterized by small bumps that appears on buttocks, legs, upper arms and cheeks. These acne-like bumps are usually dry, rough and in some instances itchy. The disorder is usually benign and tends to get better or go away completely with age –mostly by the age of 30.Health experts say that the condition is caused by excess ketatin protein in the skin that blocks hair follicles resulting in bumps that feel like sandpaper. Though there is no known cure for the disorder, homemade remedies can ease the problem. Keratosis pilaris natural treatment includes:

Coconut oil

Pure coconut oil is effective remedy for this condition due to its moisturizing properties. In addition the oil provides antimicrobial and anti-flammatory benefits as well as the ability to tone your skin.

To get the full benefits of coconut oil, apply it on your skin several times a day especially just after a bath when the skin is moist to ensure it retains moisture. You can also make a homemade scrub by mixing 1 part of brown and white sugar, 2 teaspoons of honey and two parts of coconut oil. Gently rub the concoction on your skin to exfoliate, wash it off and moisturize the skin. For best results, use the mixture 1 or 2 times a week.

Olive oil

Olive oil is packed with vitamin E and is highly beneficial for treating this skin condition. The oil reduces dryness and roughness of the skin .For maximum effect; it should be applied regularly on the affected areas. Alternatively, you can mix sugar and olive oil to make a body scrub. The scrub should be used to wash the affected area and helps in getting rid of excess keratin.

Cold water fish oil

Oil from cold water fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are highly beneficial for your skin and help the skin to get rid of keratosis pilaris .Including fish oil in your diet or eating cold water fish regularly is enough to prevent and treat the condition.

Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is ideal for dealing with keratosis pilaris bumps due to its astringent properties that open up the skin pores. Apple cider vinegar mixed equally with water should be applied to the affected area and left for several minutes before washing. If the solution feels too strong for your skin, you can consider diluting it further until you are satisfied with the results.


Vitamin D deficiency is known to cause dry skin which presents with similar symptoms as keratosis pilaris. This vital vitamin is easily available by getting out into the sun daily; however it is recommended that you apply sunscreen lotion on your skin before getting out into the sun to avoid sun burns. Here the treatment is easy; just spend about an hour in the sun daily.

Oatmeal bath

An oatmeal bath is an effective keratosis pilaris natural treatment. The bath moisturizes the skin and prevents keratosis pilaris. If you suffer from this condition, soaking the affected area in an oatmeal bath 3 times a week is highly beneficial and tends to relieve the condition.

Keratosis Pilaris